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Quantenkey - a new dimension in security

Security new defined

Quanten physical Coding in massive Stainless Steel

The Quantenkey

  • Massive Stainless Steel

  • No typical RF Communication

  • Not Copyable

  • More as 900 Billion combinations

High Security Reader Unit

with PIN Code Entry

  • Standardized to DIN EN 1300

  • Freely programmable interface

  • Intelligent User-Management

Access Control Reader Unit

  • Designed for DIN wall enclosures

  • Developed for fast access

  • Programmable Features

The new technical process combines the benefits of an electronic and mechanical key in one system - The Quantenkey

Picosens GmbH

Since 2007 our engineers have researched and developed our own solutions for innovative systems. Here, the technical implementation of our own ideas and visions from the research to serial production count towards our core competancy just as the creation and registration of our patents.

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